Last Golden Lotus: The Secret of Chinese Footbinding


A profoundly humane and respectful approach to the truth behind one of China’s last great secrets: the Lotus feet! The film touches upon broader, universal issues like the tensions between modernity and tradition, and the role of women in society.

The Lotus footwear is one of the oldest designs of footwear known to humanity that have been designed specifically for women’s use. Now, the development of this footwear these days is actually non-existent and the few lotus footwear still existing are now protected in galleries and museums or personal collections similar to collectibles and artifacts. Even though these shoes were made for women of all ages, any single female today who is beyond the age of ten would most likely find it not possible to wear this footwear. This is due to this form of footwear that originated in rural China and was created for girls back when foot binding was still used. For all those not familiar with the method, foot binding practically means the binding of the foot using wraps. The significance of this practice is that it is practiced by women between the ages of 2 and 5.

The practice of foot binding would certainly almost definitely be viewed as being a disabling action of pride simply because it required the action of deliberately breaking the arch and toes of each foot before being wrapped up. Moreover, this procedure was conducted without any type of pain alleviation. The objective of this binding was so that people during that time considered that slim and tiny feet had been regarded as being beautiful in addition to making the person’s gait more elegant. Several misguided beliefs surround the original source with the process of foot binding and the Lotus footwear. Probably the most popular of these misconceptions revolved around the Tenth Century period, when Royal Prince Li Yu who ruled within the Ten kingdoms. The Prince had a concubine in his harem that had quite small feet and was an excellent dancer who wore among the earliest versons of the Lotus shoe.

The foot binding process then started amongst the females of higher classes and royalty to be able to mimic his concubine. As a result, foot binding ended up being clearly connected with wealth and standing during that period. The following centuries found to the common adoption with the practice around China. The process grew to be such that women who didn’t have small feet ended up not marriage suitable. At that time, this was the worst possible destiny for a Chinese woman. The process aside nevertheless, the Lotus footwear is often a sight to behold and the present day world would probably be taken back from the considerable disability it really inflicts on the woman. Obviously, once the foot binding began to be practiced by everybody, varieties came along. The procedure was finally forbidden.

Originally, this delicately made shoes were created with natural cotton along with silk fabrics though there is proof of variants manufactured working with many other materials including animal hides. Some other variations typically had special features such as high heels and even soles which appear like that of the present day wedge footwear. Nonetheless, one of the most differentiating feature of the lotus shoe is the complex designs and patterns present in all of them. Apart from that, a large number of these shoes ended up being embroidered using ornate designs featuring animal and also floral styles in addition to shapes. This is especially after you evaluate the rare and expensive shoes produced from the best materials that decorated the feet of those in roles of power.


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