We don’t recognize just how essential our vision is until anything commences to go awry with the eyes. There are a lot of different problems that will affect the eyes. A glaucoma is a frequent condition in the eyes, which will cause major deterioration if it is not recognized early and able to development ahead of therapy for this is began. This is a disease in which the normal in eye pressure within the eye can be higher. Commonly the pressure in the eye will be 16 to 20 mm of Hg and when it becomes greater than 20 then a glaucoma is supposed to be present. Most instances of a glaucoma usually are not diagnosed until really late and by the time it’s clinically determined the raised pressure can have done lots of injury to the eyesight. The reason for this later detection of a glaucoma would be that it features hardly any signs and symptoms during the early periods and just what signs and symptoms you will find may just be dismissed as part of the aging process. There are few problems within the eyes very early except for the gradual and slow-moving deterioration of vision. The prevalence of glaucoma within the general population is considered to be around 12-13%. There are actually 3 key kinds of glaucoma: open angle glaucoma, closed angle glaucoma as well as a genetic glaucoma. Each of these have unique attributes in the way they advance and the way they can be handled.

The open angle glaucoma is certainly the most frequent form of glaucoma, and has got least apparent signs and symptoms which can result in some difficulties with getting it clinically diagnosed. It is found in both males and females in pretty much equal proportions, commonly within the age bracket of 60-70 yrs. The principal symptoms experienced the affected person can be a clouding of eyesight, issues in performing the close to work such as reading along with writing as well as the need to change the vision glasses often as well as adjustments to the field of vision. This sort of glaucoma would likely generally harm one eye to begin with and the development to another eye furthermore becoming stricken later. People who are starting to present the signs of a glaucoma develop a variety of approaches to help them with everyday living to make up for the changes in vision. The postponement in a diagnosis is also in part as a result of central area of vision is preserved until the later on phases of the problem. The precise reasons for the rise of the eye pressure which causes the glaucoma are not clear, but it is considered there exists some sort of impediment at the site where the aqueous fluid is absorbed to the bloodstream within the eyeball. To deal with an open eye glaucoma, there are several medications which can be used in the management but mainly timolol, pilocarpine, epirine are utilized. The drawback to making use of these prescription medication is that they need to be used ongoing. Usually, it really is recommended to get the surgery performed, which assures the steady maintenance of the eye pressure. Fairly recently laser light trabeculoplasty are actually giving great outcomes in a great many glaucomas.


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Dr. Whitaker Ocular Pressure & Retina Defense Supplement to Support Healthy Intraocular Pressure Levels, Circulation & Eye Tissue (30 Capsules)
  • INCLUDES CLINICALLY STUDIED BLEND OF TWO INGREDIENTS. Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Mirtoselect Bilberry Extract -- Help lower intraocular pressure and support the health of your retinas
  • DEVELOPED BY JULIAN WHITAKER, MD, PIONEER OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE and founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute, helping people improve their quality of life
  • DISTRIBUTED BY HEALTHY DIRECTIONS, known for its stringent quality control measures and Triple Testing Philosophy that have led to a spotless safety record for more than 20 years
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Eye Pressure Support Vitamins with Bilberry Extract - Daily Optic Nerve Supplement - Perfect Pressure™ (60 Capsules)
  • MAINTAIN OPTIMAL EYE PRESSURE - Perfect Pressure can help you maintain a healthy eye pressure to help support your eye health.
  • MAINTAIN A HEALTHY OPTIC NERVE - Perfect Pressure helps support blood flow to the optic nerve and provides essential nutrients to support optic nerve health.
  • PRISTENE QUALITY - Pristene products are non-GMO, Certified Vegan, Certified Gluten-Free, and independently tested by NSF to ensure potency and quality.
  • 160 MG OF BILBERRY IN EACH SERVING - Bilberry is an incredible antioxidant that supports visual function, ocular blood flow, and healthy intraocular pressure.
  • ULTRA-PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - Our NSF certified formula includes niacinamide, grape seed extract, CoQ10, black currant fruit, and saffron. Each ingredient plays an important role in supporting optic nerve health.
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Eye Pressure Supplement with Bilberry Saffron Niacinamide CoQ10 for Optic Nerve Relief - Helps Support Healthy Retinal Blood Flow - Neuroptene® (60 Capsules)
  • ADVANCED EYE PRESSURE SUPPORT.  Neuroptene is a CERTIFIED formula that contains potent antioxidants and powerful carotenoids clinically shown to support healthy ocular blood flow, and help maintain normal eye pressure levels. 
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS AT OPTIMAL LEVELS = PERFECT OPTIC NERVE SUPPORT: Neuroptene contains a powerful blend of niacinamide, coQ10, saffron, bilberry, black currant, and grape seed extract to support healthy eye pressure and maintain ocular blood flow.
  • TRUSTED, ACCURATE LABELING: Neuroptene is CERTIFIED BY THE NSF – the world’s leading independent certification agency – to ensure that all ingredients are at optimal levels & manufactured with the highest quality, purity, & potency that your eyes deserve. 
  • MADE IN THE USA, CERTIFIED VEGAN, CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE & NON-GMO in a 100% RECYCLABLE BOTTLE: Each bottle of Neuroptene contains 60 Vegan, Non-gmo, Gluten-Free & NSF Contents Certified capsules for optimal eye pressure and optic nerve health. 
  • DEVELOPED BY EYE SPECIALISTS & DEDICATED TO SUPPORTING YOUR EYE HEALTH. At Eyecheck, we are dedicated to all aspects of healthy eyes & healthy vision. Try Neuroptene if you've used other supplements to maintain your eye pressure in a healthy range.
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Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know: A Guide from Dr. Harry Quigley and Dr. Mona Kaleem
  • Quigley MD, Harry A (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 252 Pages - 09/23/2020 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
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MediView Lite Glasses for Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts - Fit-Over Style, Yellow Lenses, Large Size
  • FOR DEGENERATIVE VISION LOSS: Assists people diagnosed with macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetes, cataracts, or glaucoma. Ideal for use indoors and when outside on overcast, bright glary days. Reduces glare and light sensitivity, helps increase contrast and definition to aid mobility and confidence.
  • FDA REGISTERED AND RNIB ENDORSED: Much more than just sunglasses, MediView Lite glasses are registered as an FDA medical device and are endorsed by the UK’s Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB). Allow your eyes up to two weeks to adjust for maximum effectiveness.
  • SUPERIOR BLUE LIGHT AND UV BLOCKING: Advanced Category 1 filter blocks most blue light (up to 480nm) and 100% of ultraviolet UVA and UVB rays
  • PROTECTION AND VISION: MediView Lite eyeglasses selectively filter blue light to provide increased contrast and definition when you’re wearing them. Our customers report improved mobility, reduced eye strain, and greater confidence when outdoors in the sun.
  • IDEAL FOR OVER-GLASSES USE: The Large Overview design can be worn on their own, or over your existing prescription eye glasses. Returns or exchanges always available for purchases made through the official Amazon MediView store.
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VANI Eye Massager with Heat & Compression, Bluetooth Music Rechargeable Eye Heat Massager for Relax and Reduce Eye Strain Dark Circles Eye Bags Dry Eye Improve Sleep, White
  • COMFORTABLE HEAT COMPRESSION - Featured with trigger point, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging, VANI wireless eye massager is helpful to relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye dark circles. Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature 104℉-107℉ (40℃-42℃ ), better for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc.
  • ACCURATELY CORRESPOND ACUPOINTS - Due to powerful 6 smart airbags, VANI eye mask could provide a immersed massaging for your Cuanzhu/SiZhukong/Temple/ Chong Qi/JingMing Acupoints. All these customized facial massage would drive you totally relaxed and effectively relieve your eye fatigue and improve your sleeping. 【Note: VANI eye massager is NOT suitable for who have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, etc.】
  • ADVANCED REMOTE CONTROL - You could accurately switch 5 massage modes: soft massage, hard massage, wake up, sleep, relaxation via remote control. Besides, air compression, Bluetooth connection, adjust volume all can be achieved by our remote control.【Note: Please keep pressing the button‘’Volumn -‘’on the remote control to low down or mute the background music】
  • BLUETOOTH MUSIC TO ENHANCES MASSAGE EXPERIENCE - VANI eye therapy massager features built-in speakers inside and allows you to connect via Bluetooth to play your song list. The rhythmic mode will vibrate with the rhythm of music. The Bluetooth name of the eye massager is "EYE MASSAGER". Music states anxiety and the physical effects of stress.
  • ERGONOMICS AND WEARING COMFORT - Adjustable elastic band, super light and high-quality soft leather, the VANI mask offers a more comfortable eye massage. In addition, As it is easy to clean and to keep, it is a good ally for travelling in peace and a good gift idea for your family. 【Tips: If you feel a headache, please loosen the headband appropriately】
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PreserVision AREDS 2 Eye Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Contains Lutein, Vitamin C, Zeaxanthin, Zinc & Vitamin E, 120 Softgels (Packaging May Vary)
  • RECOMMENDED FORMULA: This formula includes lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc, copper, vitamin C, and vitamin E to exactly match the nutrient formula recommended by the AMD experts at the National Eye Institute based on the Age Related Eye Disease Study 2 to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced AMD progression.
  • AREDS 2 SUPPLEMENT: PreserVision is the #1 doctor recommended eye vitamin brand and is based on 20 years of clinical studies conducted by the NEI & includes Lutein & Zeaxanthin.
  • EYE VITAMINS BY BAUSCH + LOMB: Bausch + Lomb carries a full line of ocular supplements with vitamins, minerals & nutrients that include Lutein & Zeaxanthin that promote eye health, including PreserVision.
  • BAUSCH + LOMB EYE CARE EXPERTS: Since 1853, Bausch + Lomb has continued to focus on innovation and quality in eye care products, from contact lenses to lubricant eye drops.
  • MOST STUDIED BRAND: PreserVision is the most studied eye vitamin brand (based on the AREDS and AREDS2 clinical studies).
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Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know: A Guide from Dr. Harry Quigley and Dr. Mona Kaleem
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Quigley, Harry (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 09/22/2020 (Publication Date)

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